Phone Battery Life Low? If You Have A Car, You’re In Luck…

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Cars are notorious for draining the battery of devices inside them. Until now…

Picture this: you and your friends are driving down the freeway. You have your phone plugged in, music playlist on blast, maybe watching a YouTube video or two. Amidst the enjoyment you see that dreaded red battery icon. Don’t panic! There’s a lifehack to fix that up in no time!

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Don’t panic! Breathe. It is okay.

Following these steps may help fix the dreaded dead-phone-in-the-car predicament that we all fear. Disclaimer: your car make/model may effect the results listed below. Your mileage may vary (pun DEFINITELY intended).

  1. Pull over.
  2. Plug your phone into the cigarette lighter socket.
  3. Put your car into park.
  4. Roll down all the windows.
  5. Switch the transmission into the worthless “N” position.
  6. Rev your engine.
  7. Like magic, your phone’s battery will shoot up to 100% in no time!

Until now, the “N” position seemed pretty pointless, huh? You’d step on the gas and nothing happens. Well we finally cracked the code. In fact, some drivers reported that the harder they pressed on the gas the brighter ALL the phone screens in the car got.


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The “N” might mean “Charge Now”.

There’s really nothing worse than cruising around without your favorite apps only to find out that the car is sucking battery life from all devices inside of it. Hopefully this lifehack helps you avoid the sinister fate many phones suffer when pulled out during those long drives.