This Man Got Put On The No Fly List For Emailing a Picture of a Micropenis to Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Pilot

In the year 2020, many often wonder what fascism actually is. “Google it,” some might say, attempting to inspire you to learn about political issues online. The world is a microcosm, however, and we can glean insights into larger issues by examining highly specific things. Was the nature of the punishment for “The Man Who Sent The Micropenis” indicative of a failing political and justice system?

Here is a virtual rendition / sketch of the man who committed this crime.

Image of a strange man, Barnaby Edmonds, in a top hat.
The culprit, Barnaby Edmonds. The man who committed the crime.

In the context of Barnaby’s crime, Reddit has taken to arms pondering the philosophical question of justice. Was his punishment just, they ask? Why has Barnaby been serving as the catalyst for this deeper inquiry into the nature of truth? What does he represent, what is Barnaby Edmonds symbolic of?

These are just some of the questions anxious Redditor’s have been asking each other. One Redditor went on to post an excerpt from a Virginia Woolf novel about the nature of universal microcosms and extrapolating ideas based off of granular events.

Brooding, she changed the pool into the sea, and made the minnows into sharks and whales, and cast vast clouds over this tiny world by holding her hand against the sun, and so brought darkness and desolation, like God himself, to millions of ignorant and innocent creatures, and then took her hand away suddenly and let the sun stream down. Out on the pale criss-crossed sand, high-stepping, fringed, gauntleted, stalked some fantastic leviathan (she was still enlarging the pool), and slipped into the vast fissures of the mountain side. 

Excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse
Strange man in a top hat.
Barnaby Edmonds as seen from a slightly different angle.

Many questions remain

Why did Barnaby Edmonds commit the crime? And was his punishment just?

Why did the helicopter look so small?

As for the reasoning behind Barnaby Edmond’s unique punishment; the helicopter pilot allegedly said, “you made me crash my air faring vehicle, so you can never fly again.”

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