Move Over Tabby- There’s A New Cat Species In Town

Swiss Scientists at the University of Zurich have discovered a latent gene found in orange tabbies that may indicate an undiscovered cat species. The new breed that they’re calling “Crabby Tabbies” have quickly taken a spotlight on instagram for their adorable whiskers and cute tails. Take a look:

Cute kitten with blue eyes and patterns.
Crabby tabby’s are known for their patterns and cute eyes.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing? The Zurich genetics department were quick to “the ‘gram” with these little things. Following the announcement of this new cat species influencers swarmed adoption agencies to snag a Crabby Tabby for themselves. Look, they even suckle the faucet:

Cat drinking from the bathroom faucet.
Crabby Tabby drinking directly from the faucet of their bathroom.

Alessandro Isler, a graduate student of Zurich University, coined the name “Crabby Tabby” to describe the disposition of these new creatures. He states, “These strange little things have a way about them that is indescribable. One moment they are sitting upon the bed aloof and the next moment they are active and slightly irritable.” In any event, we’re loving this new breed. Consider us #teamcrabby!

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