Single Cop with No Children Settles for Beating Meat

“I’ve been a cop for 15 years, ever since we had our first boy. It’s always been pretty stressful, but Gloria was always there waiting for me when I got home,” noted DeGregorio. “When she finally escaped, I had to sit my boys down and let them know they were gonna have to step up.…


Militarized Police Leads To Homeless Police, Study Reveals

Sure, all cops are bastards, but they could soon all be homeless bastards. According to a recent study conducted by my own eyeballs, it appears that the more we militarize the police, the likelier the chance of them becoming homeless.


Man Wearing Fake Mustache to Mail Ballot Doesn’t Understand Voter Fraud

“I’m so sick of these libs thinking that mail-in-voting is safe and secure. I’m about to prove them wrong,” Vamosi whispered while walking down the street and peeking over his shoulder.


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