5 Free iPhone Wallpapers To Make People Think You’re A Designer

You’re in a coffee shop or on the bus, minding your own business and browsing your iPhone. You begin to feel that unnerving sensation of somebody’s prying eyes behind you. In a cloud of confusion, anxiety, and shame you slip your iPhone into your pocket and stare out the window. Why are you like this? It turns out that you’re just self conscious about the way that your phone looks!

This is your iPhone. Yuck.

Everyone wants to be a designer. They’re the coolest people in the room and always rock the sickest logos and hats. Also they have the most decked out customized iPhones out of everyone they know. Wanna roll with the big dogs without doing the legwork? Well here’s a couple of wallpapers that’ll fool anyone around you into thinking you’re a designer yourself.


“The Sun-Kissed Frozen Valley”

This is a great starting point for any aspiring designer’s iPhone wallpaper. The contrast of the orange sun with the frozen behemoths floating silently in icy waters is not only visually stunning but carries weight in current climate change dialogs. People will wonder what big ideas you’re thinking about while multitabbing in Adobe Illustrator.


“Calling To The Forsaken Ones”

Apart from having the most future-forward stylistic ideas, people associate designers with deep and emotional concepts. The juxtaposition of the plain white text on a gorgeous cinematic backdrop conjures up associations of closed captions on a French arthouse film. This wallpaper proves that there is beauty in unknown or forgotten.


“My City, My Bridge. New York, Baby!”

If there’s any place on this planet that was literally made for designers then it’s New York, New York. Brooklyn is the epicenter of all forward-thinking cool design and showing off the bridge that gets you there is a surefire way of proving you’re up to snuff as a designer.


“Mankind’s Hubris- A Fatal Flaw”

The proboscis monkey wallpaper will keep people on their toes around you. The photograph is such high quality and the marbled eyes of the creature draw you into a liminal state of suppositions regarding the nature of Man and Beast. A piece of visual worth, sure, but a real designer is able to traverse the ever-shifting boundaries of what makes Us tick.


“Yes. Goals.”

Once you get through the first 4 wallpapers we offered, people will have a pretty good idea what you’re all about. A modern day thinker for future ideas. Now it’s time to seal the deal. Not only do you design but you hustle. You grind. You know time is precious and feigning and this wallpaper says it all. Hands fading into the backdrop clutching the pearls of The Now. When people see this they’ll not only think that you’re a designer; they’ll know you’re an innovator.

An AI Generated Images Of The Average “Trump Voter”… And It Kind Of Looks Like Corn

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in 2020; self driving cars rely on AI to make logical decisions in real-world situations, facial recognition by a police state is a heated debate in the media, and now AI is able to assess voter demographics based on physical appearance.

While the diverse population of the United States nearly reaches 330 million, computers are able to break down statistics and scale it with known data. This is exactly how an AI trained with cutting edge machine learning protocol managed to develop a summed image of the average Trump voter…

And it kind of resembles corn.

Organic mammalian material is slightly visible. However, the majority of the “voter” resembles corn.

The program was designed by Alexandre H., a small-time programmer working in R&D labs around the Cambridge area. She fed the AI data sourced from gerrymandered datasets of the entire USA.

This is a gerrymandered map of the USA. The red is predominantly farmland.

Gerrymandering is a useful tool used by politicians to divide votes amongst large portions of land. For instance, take a look at Pennsylvania’s map. The bulk of Pennsylvania comprises of hills, forests, and highways while PA’s main population lies on the Eastern and Western borders. Thanks to gerrymandering the rolling farmland is given an equal congressional vote as the high density cities are. Cool!

The AI believes that the red coloration is majority corn voter.

It’s always difficult to see the “hidden data” that eludes us normal people. Thankfully AI is constantly working to make developments in how we understand the world. Knowing that corn is given an equal opportunity in having its voice heard is refreshing. Thanks AI!