This Strange Demographic Has Been Shoving Kratom Up Their Ass

Perhaps you remember the Tide Pod Challenge, a meme that went viral in turn causing thousands of children to start eating Tide Pods. Well, it seems as if this phenomenon of people taking IRL cues from the online world is happening again, except this time it’s even weirder. The demographic being referred to in the title is “country girls,” a unique breed of redneck, southern, John Deere driving millennials.

Emma Watson on a meme featuring kratom boofing.
One of the memes referencing the phenomenon of country girls inserting Kratom into their rectums.

This viral phenomenon originated from the hit Facebook meme page “Country Girls Who Boof Kratom” which has amassed nearly 10,000 followers.

The word boof is a colloquial terminology used to denote the act of inserting something into your rectum, usually a drug of some sort.

boof (third-person singular simple present boofs, present participle boofing, simple past and past participle boofed) (transitive, slang) To have anal sex with someone, usually as the penetrative partner (possibly with negative connotations). (transitive, prison, slang) To conceal (a prohibited item) in one’s rectum.’s definition of boof

We interviewed one anonymous fan of the page who claims “I was tired of swallowing so much powder all the time to fuel my habit, and when I heard about using a turkey baster to get the product into my body, I was instantly intrigued.”

A meme with a cowgirl dabbing at the prospect of boofing kratom.
A cowgirl dabbing at the prospect of inserting Mitrogyna Speciosa into her rectum.

This phenomenon has yet to go mainstream, but here at Despite Everything we eagerly anticipate the day that CNN starts reporting on this bizarre cultural phenomenon. Kratom has been coming under heavy fire as is, particularly from local news channels trying to warn their constituents about this allegedly dangerous product. Imagine if they found out girls were putting it into their rectum! The news would have a hay day.

Screen capture of a local news channel doing a piece on the “dangers of Kratom.”

In conclusion – it appears as if the internet is truly making people go crazy. Especially people who love trucks, mudding, and hay.

Do you know anyone who has tried this? Have southern millennials lost their minds? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “This Strange Demographic Has Been Shoving Kratom Up Their Ass”

  1. As long as they share the dirty leftovers with me I will be a happy country boy. I don’t care if there is 0% of that mitro-magic left in it


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